Ultima Fitness Downtown Increases Social Media Reach By 1,100%!

  • Alen BubichMarch 13 2015
A Stunning Gym with Group Exercise Classes to Suit All Workout Styles

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Ultima Fitness in West Palm Beach, FL. has over 19,000 square feet of workout space and features over 40 group fitness classes taught by local fitness professionals. Classes include Yoga, Spin, Pilates, Zumba, Step, Functional Strength, and more. Whatever your workout style, Ultima Fitness has the perfect group exercise class for you.

Michael Platt, a Serial Entrepreneur, recently acquired Ultima Fitness Downtown after 25 years in the Education Industry. He played a key role in the creation of Professional Fitness Institute, a joint venture with over 30 colleges nationwide.

As an early adopter of Social Media, Michael has a strong understanding of how social media can help create local buzz for Ultima Fitness Downtown, but…

Social Media Was Not Driving Enough New Memberships

With a steady membership base and active Social Media presence, Ultima was looking for new and innovative ways to attract more members and achieve more brand recognition for the gym in their local market.

The Missing Social Media Piece…

With Ultima already quite active with their corporate Facebook Fan Page, they turned to Fitness HorsePower to leverage the social media networks of their staff – to promote the amazing classes and services that they offer.

Ultima Fitness was able to transform their Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors and Sales Staff into knowledgeable and entertaining Fitness Industry Thought Leaders- in the eyes of friends and family, while simultaneously increasing brand exposure on social media and driving new memberships. They achieved this by posting a relevant and engaging fitness industry content on their Team Member’s social networks – including a mix of workout regimes, health and nutrition articles and exclusive Ultima Fitness offers and promotions.

Ultima Fitness Now Reaches 25,000 Potential New Customers using Fitness HorsePower

Each Ultima Fitness post (via Fitness HorsePower) receives, on average, 2 comments, 19 likes, 98 clicks (aka potential new customers) and an overall Click-Through-Rate of 336% – results you need to see to believe!

Ultima Fitness Results

Their social reach has increased from the 2,200 Facebook Fan Page likes to 25,000 potential customers via their Team Members’ combined social networks.

The Fitness HorsePower has given for Ultima the ability to streamline their social media efforts, resulting in the control and digitization peer-to-peer referral sales and on-line word of mouth marketing – increasing reach and brand exposure by 1100% on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social HorsePower gets awards recognition from Capterra and GetApp

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Social HorsePower Feels the Love from G2 Crowd

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