Tips For Better Social Media Recruiting

  • Alen BubichFebruary 6 2018
There are a number of fantastic tools for recruiting, and social media recruiting can easily be one that gets neglected.

How Can You Improve Your Social Recruiting?

There are a number of fantastic tools for recruiting, and social media recruiting can easily be one that gets neglected. You can’t just rely on LinkedIn…though it is a great tool in and of itself. In fact, it’s one of the best when it comes to social media recruiting.

A hammer is a very good tool, even versatile with the right design and in the right hands. However, a house cannot be built with a hammer alone. You also can’t rely solely on a stock company profile on LinkedIn.

How can you supercharge your social media recruiting? We’re going to show you some solid methods for doing so. The following social media recruiting tips will help you and your company become a social media recruiting rockstar, bringing in great talent through the power of social media.

LinkedIn Is Big In Social Media And Recruiting

When it comes to social media and recruiting, LinkedIn is still a big deal. In fact, some surveys indicate that upward of 90 percent of companies that recruit using social media use the network in order to do it, among other channels. Since it’s the social media network that’s designed around working life rather than social life, it cannot be ignored.

So, you have to leverage it if you want to start social media recruiting. Bear in mind that it has far more utility than merely finding candidates and taking resumes, which is something we’ll cover a little later on.

To start with, create a LinkedIn profile for your company if you haven’t already. Get your name, address and contact information on there so that prospective hires can see you and get in touch with you. Then, you optimize that profile for search.

You’ll need a brief description. You get up to 200 characters, but get it down to 154. The reason? Anything over that gets collapsed under a “See More” button.

Then you’ll want to fill out your company specialties, and make sure to use solid keywords for Google searches. Use the terms people search for when looking for jobs.

Add some images, with custom images being preferred over stock. Custom images tend to yield better engagement.

Make sure to use LinkedIn as well! If looking for new hires, it’s a great place to start looking through profiles. After all, social selling isn’t just about selling product or services. You can sell your company as an employer as well.

Also Leverage Facebook, Twitter And Other Networks

Don’t neglect the other social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. These networks have a powerful reach, as they are global in scope and used by millions. Among the things that people do look for on Facebook and Twitter is actually jobs!

You can use these networks to post job announcements, which can be seen by prospective employees that may be highly qualified for the position. Your social team can pass the information to your Human Resources and/or recruiting personnel for contact to be made and the screening process to begin.

A great top tip? Set “Company Name Jobs” or “Company Name Careers” as the username. You can even set up a separate account specifically for recruiting on social networks. Anyone interested in working for your company is going to be searching using those terms anyway. This gets them directly to the information that they are looking for.

Plenty of companies already do this as Facebook recruiting is a powerful tool. That network can be used for so much more than cat videos, memes and arguing about politics. Twitter recruiting can be as well.

Want to know what one of the most powerful tools for success on those networks is?

Your Employees Are Your Best Social Recruiting Tool

Get Your Corporate Culture To Recruit For You With Employee Advocacy

Want to supercharge your social media recruiting? Leverage employee advocacy for social media recruiting.

Word of mouth is absolutely huge when it comes to promoting your products or services. There should be no reason you don’t use it to sell working for your company, and that’s where your current employees come in.

These are the people that are best able to tell others why you would want to work for you, beyond the obvious. (Paycheck and benefits, of course; that’s why people work!) These are the people that can tell their friends, family or anyone interested in working for your company what a great place it is to work, the kind of growth and challenges they’ll experience and the perks of working for you.

This is also where you can start a employee referral program that includes social media recruiting.

Broadcast Talent-Seeking

You can also broadcast your talent-seeking through various channels. People that are interested in working for your company can watch, take part and get some more information. You, in turn, may get contacted by interested prospective recruits that can get moved into the screening process just as you move customers into the sales funnel.

Broadcast Q&A sessions on Periscope. Take questions from interested potential recruits, field them in real-time and connect with your candidates. You may find your next CEO this way.

Share videos on Facebook Live in the same vein. Take live questions from the audience, and talk about upcoming and currently-open positions, what the job entails and what the hire will be in for. Get some current employees in on the action, so they can tell the viewers how great your company is to work for.

Get someone to live-tweet it too!

Go live on YouTube and talk about a position that you’d like to fill or multiple positions. Get the word out there that you’re hiring and that you want to hear from people that would be interested.

You want your message to be heard by the people who want to hear it.

If you’d like to learn more about social media recruiting and the other kinds of social selling that can greatly benefit your company by being more active and engaged with social media, contact us! We would be thrilled to start a conversation with you about how Social Horsepower can help you leverage the power of social media to recruit new employees as well as customers.

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