The Yorkville Club – Driving New Business Before Their Grand Opening

  • Alen BubichFebruary 9 2015
Learn how this 5-star gym in the heart of Toronto was able to drive new buisness before their grand opening...


“Our new state-of-the-art gym is opening in a few weeks and we need to pack the place with new members”, says Trina Lambe, General Manager of the Yorkville Club in Toronto.

“Getting new members to join our gym in the midst of renovations has been our biggest challenge. We have hundreds of members, but they are getting older and are not likely to stay post-construction. It’s a huge priority for us to build excitement for the new gym and get as many new members as possible” continued Trina.

“Our Membership Coordinators and Trainers are the best and most knowledgeable in the business. I encourage them to share recipe tips, workout regiments, membership promotions and more on social media in hopes of creating some buzz about our new facility – but I was getting a ton of resistance.”

The Challenge: Growing Membership Base Before the New Gym Opens

“Building awareness and driving new business on social media is tough, especially when people just don’t have time to help out consistently” stated Trina.

According to Market Wired, 70% of brand perception is based on the experiences with the people who work there. In order for the Yorkville Club to attain their new membership goal, they had to drill down and find a new way to get their employees to engage with clients and members online.

“Our Membership Coordinators and Trainers are the face of our business. Members and training clients identify with our staff and look for them for guidance.”

Nielsen Research reports that 84% of consumers value recommendations from friends and family above all forms of advertising – and an additional 77% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after hearing about it from someone they trust.

“Getting our team involved in promoting The Yorkville Club on social media was a no-brainer – but they wanted to know how social media will help them meet new clients and members. Our new member sales quotas are rigid. Our Membership Team and Trainers know they have to hit a certain goal each month – but they simply did not see how social media would help them achieve this.”

40% of sales professionals close 2-5 deals annually through social, according to Forbes. Additionally, sales professionals who engage in social selling outperform 78% of their peers and hit their quotas 10% more often.

“I have heard of social selling and social media brand ambassador programs before, but the solutions just didn’t feel like us. I wanted to find a new way to help my team hit their numbers without taking them away from their day-to-day responsibilities in the gym – that’s when I discovered Social Horse Power”.

Solution: Transforming Membership Coordinators and Trainers into a Social Selling Powerhouse

“After seeing a demo of Social Horse Power, I knew it was the right solution for us. Our Membership Coordinators and Trainers simply joined the Social Media Brand Ambassador Team by clicking a link and connecting their social accounts. I am now able to share helpful articles including recipe guides, health facts, new group training classes, membership drives and more – using their voice. The best part is, it actually works and our team loves it. I get comments all the time from both Membership and the Trainers that they are getting a ton of inquiries about the gym from friends and family.”

art of active sitting

Social Horse Power is an amazing tool and we are extremely happy with the results we’re seeing. Our most successful post to date is our “Art of Active Sitting” post. It went out via our 27 Social Media Brand Ambassadors and got 27 likes, 4 comments, 1 share and 982 clicks. This one post alone drove 982 potential new members to our site. That’s incredible.”

Social Horse Power Helps You to Achieve Your Sales Goals

Your employees are the most under-utilized marketing vehicle your company has. They know your company inside and out and evangelize your business to their friends and family on social media. The problem is, your employees may not know that they can harness this power to help them hit their sales quotas and help you achieve your organizational goals.

The Yorkville Club is now able to empower their team to use their social media influence to drive new membership sales before their new facility opens for business! “Helping our clients achieve their goals is of the utmost importance to us” says Alen Bubich, Founder of Social Horse Power. “We succeed when our clients succeed. That’s why we have a team of experts who work closely with clients to ensure that their social media efforts are bringing in the results to help them achieve their larger goals.

About The Yorkville Club

Toronto’s finest club where luxury and comfort meets vigorous fitness training. The Yorkville Club is known for its 5 gorgeous studios housing 100+ world-class group fitness classes, sprawling strength & conditioning equipment floor, exceptionally friendly and professional staff and relaxing club environment.

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