Social HorsePower gets awards recognition from Capterra and GetApp

  • Alen BubichJuly 11 2020
Looking for software that's easy to use and offers great value?

While we don’t do what we do for the recognition, when it happens, we embrace the win! Recently, Social HorsePower won a number of awards from Capterra and GetApp, each a part of Gartner’s Digital Markets family of brands.

These awards are meaningful because of parent company Gartner’s clout in the industry, but more so because they were awarded based on stellar feedback from actual users. Our firm was awarded five-star ratings on Capterra for Ease of Use and Best Value under both Social Media Marketing and Social Selling. In addition to that, we were singled out for Best Functionality and Features on Capterra’s sister site GetApp.

What’s impressive about the wins are that they came about organically from user feedback that helped us nab our impressive five-star status.

Why customer feedback matters

Our mission in life is to continuously refine a product that has phenomenal user adoption and the ability to adapt quickly to the latest needs of our clients. The constant feedback we receive for our clients in real-time, coupled with timely reviews on platforms such as Capterra and GetApp allows us to know exactly how to tweak our solution to make it even more user friendly and to add features that further enhance the user experience (instead of just adding fancy bells and whistles no one actually needs). By streamlining systems and taking the uncertainty out of social sharing, our aim is to make a product that’s easy to use and fun to interact with.

Our goal: drive engagement, reduce headaches

The main draw of our platform, of course, is the ability to increase the engagement of both interior teams and exterior clients. Companies use Social HorsePower for many purposes, from recruitment to the messaging amplification of various marketing initiatives. That only works if onboarding isn’t intimidating and teams buy into the process from day one.

Based on the fantastic feedback we’ve gotten from Capterra and GetApp, clients have been extremely satisfied with how engaged their teams become when they have a platform that makes social sharing fun and easy. We’re happy to see that the little touches – like creating an environment for friendly competition via leaderboards – are doing their part to make social sharing and messaging amplification so fun.

The best part, of course, is that the effort needed from team members is negligible. Users can literally automate their social sharing if they want to, or, if they want more control, can pick and choose what to post and when. Companies simply have to provide bite-sized messaging and trust their teams to run with the distribution of the posts – it’s as easy as that!

Value that’s baked right in

Lest we forget, Social HorsePower was also awarded Best Value under both Social Media Marketing and Social Selling categories. Our solution comes at a relatively low cost and that’s purposeful! While we love to hear of big-name brands using our product and loving its features, we’re a startup at heart, and we love nothing more than supporting small businesses and emerging startups that can really benefit from some social media amplification.

The price point is purposeful. We believe in our product and have witnessed it working for various businesses of all sizes and across different industries. That said, we want to make sure we stay accessible to those organizations who may not have big marketing budgets in their back pocket. That way, our users can align their social media messaging, recruit effectively, or increase their sales while not cutting too deeply into sometimes limited budgets.

What’s more, due to its unique design and seamless onboarding processes, Social HorsePower has the capability to reduce social media management for many firms, allowing companies that adopt our system to redirect man-hours to more important places within their marketing agenda. We strive to save everyone time and money in more ways than one!

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Social HorsePower gets awards recognition from Capterra and GetApp

Looking for software that’s easy to use and offers great value?

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