Social HorsePower Feels the Love from G2 Crowd

  • Alen BubichJuly 11 2020
Social HorsePower just racked up a bunch of awards from G2 Crowd recently, with actual users as the judges.

It’s official: we’re getting noticed! Social HorsePower just racked up a new handful of awards from G2 Crowd recently, with actual users as the judges. It seems those on the site want to tell the world just how awesome their experience with our social sharing platform has been.

Some of the important wins include recognition for:

  • Highest User Adoption
  • Fastest Implementation
  • Best Support
  • Users Most Likely to Recommend
  • Best Meets Requirements

G2 Crowd is an online resource that helps individuals and companies discover new software that meets the unique needs of their business. The site boasts over 1 million timely peer reviews based on actual user experiences.

What makes the recognition extremely meaningful for the team here at Social HorsePower is the fact that real users of the software are the ones who choose which organizations to highlight. They’ve specifically pinpointed three of our own favourite aspects of the platform: the quick and seamless implementation, the ease of use, and the awesome level of support provided. Our attention to the overall customer experience has really paid off!

Why adoption and implementation matter

When it comes to getting buy-in from both teams and management, two questions are central:

Will this actually get used?


Will setup drag on forever and drain resources?

Social HorsePower specifically spent time and energy digging deep into ways to make sure our platform had a high adoption rate while ensuring companies wouldn’t have to spend valuable time and resources fussing with implementation.

We wanted to make it easy for companies – no matter how big or small – to dive into our platform fast so that everyone could start using it from day one. There’s no big learning curve and no lengthy training needed to pick up the basics. Teams just jump right in and begin sharing content immediately!

Social HorsePower makes sharing fun

The biggest reward for us is hearing feedback about the high adoption rates. We love that so many teams are embracing the service so quickly. We also love to see how seamlessly entire companies can get on the same page with social messaging after struggling for months or years to try and make the stars align.

Taking the guesswork out of what to post about company projects and updates takes a lot of stress off of employees that want to share but don’t know exactly what to say.

And, with Social HorsePower, messaging can be disseminated on a granular level, with specific teams sharing specific updates that correlate closest to their job roles or department areas. That way, developers can talk about the latest releases while HR can discuss recruiting. It’s a super simple way to make sure your organization’s messaging is accurate, timely, and getting blasted out to the audiences where it will be the most impactful.

Supporting our customers 24/7

One of the biggest stand-out compliments we’ve been getting on G2 Crowd (and the reason we were awarded “Best Support”) is our responsiveness to customers. We are loving this feedback! Our team strives to answer questions as quickly as we can, so no one is ever left hanging or waiting for an answer on anything.

Clients are also often commenting on our adaptation speed, with many pointing out that we’re always refining and updating the service to continue to make it better and better every day. It’s true – we really do value our client’s feedback and put ideas into action to truly make the best product available for effective social messaging.

Why you need to try Social HorsePower too

Don’t just take our fans word for it – try us out yourselves! Social HorsePower offers a ton of great benefits, including:

  • Quick and painless scheduling
  • Detailed, easy to read reports
  • Ability to tag content
  • Simple customizations for effective targeting
  • A seamless user experience
  • Second-to-none time and resource savings for social media management

The best part: if you aren’t completely blown away by our platform after trying it out for 30 days, we’ll give you your money back.

Want to demo Social HorsePower today? Give us a call!

Social HorsePower gets awards recognition from Capterra and GetApp

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Social HorsePower Feels the Love from G2 Crowd

Social HorsePower just racked up a bunch of awards from G2 Crowd recently, with actual users as the judges.