The Easiest Way to Attract the Best Employees

  • Alen BubichNovember 22 2017
Your employees can help you hire the best talent for less money.

How to attract quality employees

If you look around your office, what do you see?

Probably a bunch of computers, right? Desks, chairs..

But most importantly, your colleagues and employees. Your teammates.

These are the people that make your company what it is. The people who choose to come in each day to work and make this business shine.

(Is your heart warm and fuzzy yet?)

Now you’re in the market for a new team member. But how can you make sure you get the best candidates to choose from? How can you make sure your next hire is as exceptional as your current employees?

You need something called an Employer Brand Strategy. And it has to be amazing.

Ok, great — so what’s that?

It’s how you brand yourself as an employer.

What’s your work culture like? What do your employees think about working here? How do you differ from other employers?

That’s your employer brand.

So you want to make sure everything about your brand shouts, “This is a great place to work!”

That’s your employer brand strategy.

Here are some of the best ways to build your amazing employer brand strategy:

1. Tap into the Influence of Social Media

It’s not just for marketing your product/service anymore. It’s not even just about branding yourself to consumers. Social media is now so huge that it’s central to how you brand yourself to even potential employees.

Did you know that companies with high social engagement are 58% more likely to attract first-class talent? And that those employees are 28% more likely to stay with that company?

Take Starbucks for example: they have a dedicated Twitter page for @StarbucksJobs. With the #tobeapartner hashtag, interested people can start conversations on Twitter with current employees.

This dedication to nurturing the hiring process comes across in your brand. It shows that you care about your employees and who you hire.

In fact, according to this case study, Ericsson’s social media campaigns resulted in 16K Facebook referrals, 1215 LinkedIn referrals, 586 Twitter referrals, and 21 Pinterest referrals.

Every so often, between all your marketing posts, post something about your employees. Maybe you went on a company outing recently? Show the world how fun it was!

2. Polish Your Career Site ’til It Shines

This is the first place your potential hires will go to get a taste of your employer brand.

So wow them.

Create a culture video and make that the first thing people see. People don’t like reading much, but they love video. Your potential hires get to see your work environment and how your employees work and interact. Have your smiliest employees talk about the best things about working here. This is your chance to highlight your perks, company culture, and all that fun stuff.

Again, people don’t love reading. So populate your site with pictures of all your happy workers. Need an example? Check out Facebook’s.

Encourage Employee Advocacy

What can be more powerful than one of your employees saying they love their job with you?

To an outsider (a.k.a potential hire!) hearing an employee advocate for their company feels like they’re getting an insider’s opinion. It’s a viewpoint that comes from an actual person not just the company itself. Employee advocacy feels friendly and personal.

The best part is that when your employees are happy, advocacy comes naturally. They’ll post pics on their Instagram of free cake in the office, or update their Facebook status on their awesome work life.

And if ever you wanted to formally put a program in place, there are tools out there that will easily help you do just that.

Over to you …

“Only 57% of employers say that they have an employer brand strategy” – CareerArc 

Be part of that growing majority.

A solid employer brand strategy is going to attract the best candidates to your company.

And it’s not hard! With these three strategies you can easily start building that employer brand of yours.

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