Case Study: The Big Box of Tickets

  • Alen BubichJuly 9 2012
How this deal website boosted membership and achieved sky-high click-throughs

How this deal website boosted membership and achieved sky-high click-throughs

Big Box of Tickets is a daily deal website for local concert tickets that benefits concertgoers and nightclub owners alike. It’s free to join as a member, and the company holds weekly drawings for pairs of tickets to local concerts, as well as monthly drawings for the “Big Box” pairs of concert tickets to every major area event for the next month. The site also offers club show discounts.

The BigBox “Opt-in” page

Through the use of SocialHP software, BigBox sends out “blasts” announcing the giveaways, allowing time for new members to join before the drawing. The blast content is displayed on the Facebook walls of local team members, where it’s seen and clicked by thousands of area music lovers who are looking for the next good concert or club show.

Challenges: Building brand awareness, growing membership numbers

In the hyper competitive online ticket sales industry, the BigBox was faced with the daunting and difficult challenge of cutting through a massive amount of social media noise from competing sites and local club promoters. Irrespective of the great prices on offer, BigBox needed brand awareness before it could focus on the brand message.

The second biggest challenge facing the BigBox was scale. Because the margins on online concert tickets are so thin, it takes a massive amount of ticket sales for the company to turn a reasonable profit.

Moreover, aggregating the collective buying power of these concert goers allows the BigBox to negotiate better prices with their own ticket suppliers, thus increasing profits.

Viral growth through “Blasts”

The Solution: Develop brand ambassadors

The solution for BigBox was simple, get help!

Using the product they had on hand (namely a ton of free concert ticket s that concert promoters were giving them for free), BigBox was able to create a compelling offer to anyone who wanted to become a brand ambassador, namely free concert tickets to every major event in their city for a month. In exchange, the brand ambassadors gave BigBox permission to publish to their Facebook walls on a bi-monthly basis and opt-ed in to their email marketing list.

Now with a newly minted brand ambassador team, BigBox was able to reach a massive number of new potential customers through a relatively small number of social media brand ambassadors at virtually no cost. And through the power of blasts, BigBox addresses the challenges of brand awareness and increased memberships. “Blasts are a simple, fast, and effective way to rapidly boost exposure for the company’s giveaways and pump up membership numbers,” says Mitch Ross, Co-Founder of BigBox.

“When there’s an event coming up and tickets to give away, area our team members log on to an intuitive SocialHP interface to compose a message for blasting with user-friendly tools for adding links, images, and event details,” continued Mitch. “Once we blast to our social media brand ambassadors a typical message is viewed by hundreds of thousands of Facebook users in the local area. We love it, and more importantly our event partners love the additional free branding exposure.”

“One of the things we didn’t anticipate was that our Blasts would actually motivate new signups. We’ve experienced as much as 30% growth in our membership from a single Blast. That’s awesome,” said Mitch with a smile. “Thanks to SocialHP we expect to be one of the biggest players in online Electronic Dance Music ticket sales in the next two years.”

Key statistics

Over the course of just seven blasts, BigBox has:

  • Grown membership totals from 65 to 966
  • Received 3,211 clicks on less than 1,000 individual blast messages, with blast 6 generating an incredible 971 clicks per message
  • A massive average click-through rate of 332%
Massive engagement from friends of ambassadors

Increase your brand awareness with SocialHP

Social media is a powerful force for exposure. With SocialHP’s convenient, strategically targeted technology and methodology, BigBox has increased their social reach, built better brand awareness, and given their members some unbelievably unique life experiences.

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