Case Study: One Nation

  • Alen BubichJuly 9 2012
Reaching thousands of fans with a single click

Reaching thousands of fans with a single click

One Nation is a dance music promoter and event organizer in the UK, specializing in Drum & Bass and Old Skool events across the nation. With a strong track record of sell-out events at some of the UK’s biggest club venues, One Nation helps music artists build followings, and brings audiences the hottest music around.

One Nation uses SocialHP software to recognize and develop brand ambassadors, sending “blasts” out through them to drive traffic and increase activity on their Facebook fan page.

Challenges: Reach audiences, build branding

Creating a Social Media Brand Ambassador program was easy for One Nation, quite simply, the posted on their own Facebook Fanpage looking for members to join their “Slammin’ Vinyl Street Team”.

The response in the first hour was overwhelming.

Using SocialHP, One Nation was quickly able to sort the applicants by the total number of friends and cherry pick a handful of select brand ambassadors based on their total reach, age and interests.

Now One Nation uses blasts to counter the challenges of reaching audiences and building their brand.

How it works

Once a week, One Nation logs onto their intuitive SocialHP dashboard and composes a blast message that includes relevant details about upcoming events (typically including a thumbnail to an event). Once this user-friendly process is complete, clicking “Blast” instantly posts the content to the Facebook pages of One Nation’s newly acquired brand ambassadors where it’s viewed thousands of times by the members’ corresponding circles of friends.

In addition to driving engagement for their Facebook fan page, One Nation uses SocialHP’s powerful analytic tools to identify their top brand ambassadors. “With SocialHP’s “Peer Influencer Index”, it was easy for us to pinpoint the most valuable brand ambassadors and offer added incentives for them to promote our parties,” said Jason Willans, Social Media Marketing Consultant for One Nation. “We went from 7,000-8,000 reach to 25,000 reach in two weeks.” “That’s insane.”

Key One Nation statistics

Since implementing SocialHP technology and using it both to drive participation and develop brand ambassadors, One Nation has seen incredible results. The company published blasts to 29 brand ambassadors on March 19, and again on March 20. Both days, they experienced massive spikes in engagement and the engagement remained at the new, higher level following the blast.

Biggest FanPage growth in company history

On May 21, One Nation published blasts to just 21 brand ambassadors and achieved a tremendous 338% click-through rate—which translates to 71 clicks on 21 posts.

More importantly, through these blast campaigns, One Nation was able to identify their top three “click getter” number one with 13 click-throughs, and numbers two and three tied at seven each. This way, the company can work with these top brand ambassadors to ensure continued engagement.

338% Click-Through Rate

Amplify your reach with SocialHP

The success of One Nation demonstrates the vital nature of developing brand ambassadors. With SocialHP blasts, your business can take advantage of a whole new way to use social media. Instead of building up your own numbers, of which only a small percentage will actually read your posts, you can enjoy exponential exposure within circles of personal friends who are interested in what your brand ambassadors have to say.

The SocialHP blast process is ideal for entertainment companies and creative businesses who are seeking an edge in a crowded Internet market. Forging a concentric social network of people who are already interested in your brand of entertainment is the most effective way to get the word out about your talents, and the talent you represent.

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