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  • Alen BubichJuly 9 2012
Taking the effort out of social media marketing

Taking the effort out of social media marketing’s ClientFinder helps real estate agents maintain their social media presence across multiple platforms, enabling them to build robust networks of potential buyers, schedule more showings, and ultimately close more sales in less time.

Leveraging the power of SocialHP software, CityBlast ClientFinder “blasts” three types of content to real estate agents on a daily basis: informational (“US mortgage rates down 10%”), lifestyle (“5 great ways to stage your home’), and local listings (“For Sale: 10 Appletree Lane $525,000″). These blasts are displayed on the Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts of the agent as if they had posted the status themselves, making the content visible to the agent’s entire social network of potential buyers seeking properties.

The CityBlast “Opt-in” page

Challenges: Connecting with buyers, maintaining a professional image

Online real estate is a highly competitive field, with hundreds of agents vying for the attention of prospective buyers. To thrive, real estate agents need to build an audience, gain their trust, and ultimately profit from the relationship.

Social media provides the ultimate tool for real estate agents to accomplish these goals. Unfortunately, there are some challenges in harnessing the power of social media for most agents, namely:

  1. Expertise: Most real estate agents lack the expertise to create effective online social media marketing campaigns. Becoming an authority requires a strong intuition for the right content to provide your readership and the right timetable.
  2. Time: Sourcing the right content and consistently updating all of your social media accounts is both time-consuming and tedious.
  3. Tracking: Even if an agent did have the time and expertise to create a meaningful social media marketing campaign, effectively tracking the results would require costly software.

Through the use of SocialHP publishing, CityBlast enables their customers to overcome all three of these challenges. The internal social media marketing team carefully manages each agent’s social media presence to ensure that the right content is published at the right time.

“It’s really the tracking component that’s the most vital part of SocialHP for us,” says Shaun Nilsson, CEO of CityBlast. “We’re able to track leads from Facebook and attribute the lead to that agent.” “In the split commission world of real estate, it’s vitally important.”

Typical CityBlast

What does it all mean for CityBlast?

â”Quite simply, it would be impossible for us to manage our 1,200 customers without SocialHP” says Shaun Nilsson, CEO. “The technology simply does not exist elsewhere. Manually updating all of those walls would be impossible from a cost perspective, so, in a nutshell, without this software, we wouldn’t exist as a business.”

“Thanks to SocialHP, we’re able to track our best content as well as monitor our top-performing real estate agents. Ultimately, we’re able to make better business decisions based on those two key performance indicators.”

Since implementing SocialHP technology, CityBlast has seen tremendous and consistent improvement in site traffic. Unique monthly visits have risen steadily month-over-month throughout 2012:

“We’re now looking for ways to monitize the traffic to our site, said Shaun Nilsson when asked about the monthly unique visitors. “It’s an added revenue stream that we hadn’t considered before.”

Boost your social network with SocialHP

The success of CityBlast through SocialHP’s advanced, convenient technology demonstrates the power of social media in action. With the right methodology in place, companies can manage the social media presence of their entire sales staff, creating an active social media platform that reaches tens of thousands of potential buyers overnight. The solution enables sales agents to generate more leads, expand their reach, and ultimately close more sales.

Perhaps the best part is that CityBlast achieved success in just a few clicks, and so can you.

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