5 Tips to Kickstart Your Social Selling

  • Alen BubichDecember 21 2017
It’s no secret that social media is a huge game-changer. Kickstart your social selling efforts with these simple tips.

How to Start Social Selling

It’s no secret that social media is a huge game-changer.

In spite of this, many fail to generate any significant results from their social selling tactics. The fact is, social networks make monumental strides every single day. This puts the responsibility on users to ensure that they’re on top of the trending news, features, and the big players.

50% of shoppers have made a purchase based on a recommendation through a social media network

Simply joining a social network and broadcasting your presence doesn’t quite cut it.

You’re here, now what?

Are you luring the right attention? Have you established authority? What is your unique value proposition?

Ultimately, social selling requires strategy and decisive action to yield any substantial results. These actionable steps will help increase your social media influence and generate the outcomes that you desire.

Be Irresistible When Social Selling

You need to give potential customers a reason to engage with you. This may come across as depthless, but your appearance is essential to making a lasting impression.

A professional headshot that is friendly yet commands attention is a good place to start. Be mindful that you do not have the luxury of physical human interaction and thus, your photo as well as your bio has to work in your favor.

Compelling copy on your profile is what will ensure that customers do more than just browse through. Here are some quick language hacks that you can use to instantly breathe life into your bio:

• Use more action words (verbs)

• Have a strong opening sentence

• Eliminate adverbs

• Mirror the linguistic patterns/jargon of your target customer

• Write like you talk

• Show don’t tell (be a storyteller)

A great headshot coupled with an enticing bio is what will serve as a hook to draw customers into your world.

Social Selling Requires An Authoritative Voice

Treat your presence on social media as a vital facet of your personal brand… because it is.

Every action that you take should be in accordance with your most authentic and reputable self. Establishing credibility lies not only in your professional decorum but in your ability to demonstrate knowledge of your niche market and audience. People want to know that you can be part of the important conversations. They want to know that you have an informed opinion on the relevant issues.

Asserting your authority is also a matter of garnering social proof. Prospective clients will more likely interact with you when you have mutual associations and a sizeable following.

Provide Value

To tap into the full capacity of social networking, your primary motive should be to provide value. Take up the role of a content curator by sharing articles, videos, infographics and other content that will inform, motivate and entertain your audience.

Responding to comments, messages and questions will prove to others that you’re an accessible and valuable source of insight. If you don’t offer up a worthy reason to engage, not only will your other social selling efforts go unnoticed, but your social media presence will deteriorate.

65% of senior marketing executives believe that visual assets (photos, video, illustrations and infographics) are core to how their brand story is communicated.

Be Proactive

Contrary to popular belief, social selling does not render the cold pitch obsolete.

There needs to be a proactive attempt on your part to reach out to influencers and potential clients. Chances are the people who really matter are spending as much time offline as they are online. This provides a huge margin to build organic, real world connections.

A prospective client’s inbox is the sweet spot for sales leads and conversions. Learn the ins and outs of email marketing and build an email list that you can use to generate sales.

Be Mindful of Traditional Social Etiquette When Social Selling

When I just jumped on the social media bandwagon, the first thing that I noticed was that social etiquette was noticeably absent from most people’s social selling strategy. The lack of face-to-face communication does not negate the importance of politeness.

Here are some fundamental social practices that are usually overlooked:

1. Reciprocity- Your relationship with your audience must be mutually beneficial. You should give and as much as you receive.

2. Gratitude- Respond to comments and be thankful for the courtesies extended to you. The more gracious you are, the better your chances of receiving positive outcomes.

3. Take it easy- Do not force your agenda on a potential client. Don’t sell too hard and treat the process like a marathon rather than a 100-metre dash. Even social relationships unfold in stages so be respectful of that.

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Time for You To Start Social Selling

Are you failing to establish an influential platform with your social media efforts? Sales leads are as difficult to generate online as they are offline. But it’s easy when you get it right. Use these results-driven steps to build your influence and get the leads that you want.

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