5 Cardinal Rules for Digital Marketing Success

  • Alen BubichNovember 22 2017
5 Cardinal Rules For Success

Digital Marketing Success

Technology is as volatile as it is prolific.

In an industry where trends are short lived, it is a big challenge to stay in touch with relevant information and strategies.

These challenges translate to major implications for digital marketing as technology is a crucial point of this particular brand of marketing.

However, there’s a way to counteract this…

If you put in place precise, achievable, and adaptable measures, you can charge your digital marketing strategy with the strength it needs to withstand the ever-changing technological climate. Here are five core rules that should guide your digital marketing game plan to make it an immense success.

71% of companies planned to increase their digital marketing budgets this year – Webbiquity

Craft Exceptional Content

I’m positive that most digital marketing handbooks will tell you that “Content is King”. What they should say is, “Quality Content is King”.

How do you ensure that your content is superior to the incalculable number of posts out there?

Here’s how …

The Three C’s of Content Creation:


  • Are you simply straddling on the strategies of your competitors by repurposing content or are you crafting unique content?
  • Are your articles evergreen or will they be rendered irrelevant a couple months down the line?
  • Are the types of content that you produce varied or are they singular?
  • Do you engage your audience with magnetic headlines and compelling visuals?

These are critical questions that digital marketers need to ask if they seek to master the art of content creation. To differentiate yourself from your peers, you need to study your audience and hit them in a spot that the competition is oblivious to. This will require content that is uniquely tailored to the demands of your target consumer.


Consistency is important on two major fronts. Firstly, you need to ensure that you adhere to a set publishing schedule. This builds trust with your audience as they begin to rely on you to show up and deliver.

Consistency is also vital for your brand. Effective digital marketing is heavily dependent on consistency in branding. This ranges from very technical aspects like color schemes and fonts to more organic aspects of message and brand voice.


Do your customers recognize you as an authority in your niche?

The position that you establish should be strong and definitive from the inception. If you can’t convince yourself enough to write from a solid point of view, chances are you will fail to convince your readers.

The way that you establish clout with your audience is to boldly state your opinion, make informed predictions and above all, be authentic.

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Generate Digital Marketing Traffic

All the great content that you produce is irrelevant without a large volume of people to engage with your ideas.

You can grow your website traffic by producing long-form, evergreen content that is Search Engine Optimised. Having a strong keyword strategy is imperative for SEO. There are many tools like Google’s Keyword Tool which can facilitate keyword research and integration.

Traffic can also be built by ensuring that the user experience is optimal. You want to have a website interface that is fast, easy to navigate and functional. Social media is another powerful vehicle that can be used to drive traffic to your website. Create posts that are shareable, visually appealing, and engaging, to instigate more social media interaction.

Place Emphasis on Conversion Through Digital Marketing

So here’s the deal …

Unless you have zero intention of generating revenue, large traffic, and quality content you will not service your end goal if you have no mechanisms to influence high conversion rates.

In e-commerce, conversion is the act of converting site visitors into paying customers. Conversion can also mean influencing a visitor to take a particular action, for example, signing up for your newsletter and updates.

Conversion rates can be increased by the following tactics:

  • Strong, attention grabbing, call-to-actions
  • Landing pages with a clear value proposition
  • Enticing lead magnets
  • Use language that is clear, concise and free of rhetorical embellishment
  • Sell a transformation not a product/service

Mobile Optimisation

The consumption of content from mobile devices is on a rapid rise.

If you take a quick look at your analytics, you will realize that mobile users account for significant amount of your overall traffic.

So what does this mean?

To give your users the optimal experience when interacting with your site, mobile optimization is crucial. Great design is one of the integral factors of successful digital marketing. If your site is not mobile optimized, the visual experience that a visitor gets on a web browser will not be the same on a mobile browser.

Substandard aesthetics lead to a poor user experience which in turn, undermines all the aforementioned digital marketing tactics.

By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending. – Marketing Land

Create New Digital Marketing Strategies

We have seen how much of volatile industry technology is. Every new invention is a potential game-changer for your digital marketing strategy. That level of instability could only be balanced out by a keen capacity to make informed predictions and remain ahead of these changes.

Treating your marketing moves like a chess game involves laying out all your options before you begin. Perform a critical analysis of the current market, anticipate the problems, weed out all the potentially fatal moves and determine the right moves before the game even starts.

As long as you conquer your niche market like a chess player would conquer his chess board, you are on your way to becoming a grandmaster of digital marketing.

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